Niko Chocheli

Niko Chocheli began to sketch at the age of 4. Today his work draws on the traditions of classical European art as well as those of his own country, Sakartvelo (known to the rest of the world as Georgia). His work is recognized for its rich palette and precise, detailed draftsmanship. Using art forms ranging from zinc etching, pen and ink, pencil and chalk, to tempera, Acrylic, watercolor, and oils, he strives to capture the eye with vivid color, and to capture the soul with a depth of meaning.

His formal art training culminated in a MFA from the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts. He has conducted more than 32 group exhibitions in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Greece, Russia, India, and Australia. He has held more than 30 solo exhibitions in the United States. His work is represented in the collection of Lasalle University’s Art Museum, where it is displayed among masterworks of Tintoretto, Rembrandt, and Picasso. Honored by his country for his artistic and cultural achievements, he was awarded an Honorable Doctorate from the Academy of Science, Arts and Humanities of Georgia, and given the title of Honorable Professor by the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. At the time he was granted United States citizenship, he was noted as an “Alien of Extraordinary Abilities."

Besides his interest in history and folk tales from around the world, he has found inspiration in the spiritual beauty of ancient iconography, which he considers to be "art for eternity."

Niko frequently speaks about a variety of subjects including fine art, iconography, art history, Orthodox Church History, and the history of his homeland. He is a lover of literature, fairy and folk tales, poetry, and humorous anecdote of many countries. Many of these are incorporated into his art, illustrations, teaching, and public speaking.

He currenty resides in Doylestown, Pennsylvania where he established the Chocheli School of Fine Art. The Bucks County Chamber of Commerce in 2009 awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award for his impact on the cultural and artistic life of the community.