Gail Trice

"When working in the studio, there is no need for music or anything  else to fill the silence. The process of making art and the shift into  the right hemisphere are sufficient. It is difficult for me to put words on my work. I am content to leave  that to the viewer. The most satisfying work  for me is that developed from a desire to create art that is visually  appealing and interesting, work emerging from the experience and  silence of the process. In particular, I want the work to reflect my experience of Creation as  expressed in Glory to God for All Things: An Akathist of  Thanksgiving, written in Russia by Metropolitan Tryphon of  Turkestan.

Working in different media helps me avoid the possibility of artists  block and presents new creative ideas. The more skills an artist  develops, the more creative possibilities become available."


Gail Marie Trice is a Contemporary Artist living and working in Oklahoma. Her current focus is abstract painting in oil and cold wax medium. Trice also creates unique Artists Books in which she incorporates watercolor painting, mixed media and hand printed


Gail is a native of Oklahoma City. She first studied art with Sidney Larson at Christian College in Columbia, Missouri, completing an

Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. Following a year of study at the University of Oklahoma, Gail married and turned her creative energies to her family and home. Having reared three children, she returned to the University of Central Oklahoma, earning a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. Her independent studies include

workshops with several nationally established artists including Gregory Kondos, Steven Quiller, William “Skip” Lawrence, and David Phelps.

Gail’s work has been juried into exhibitions at state, regional, and national levels. They include the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

Biennial Exhibit “VisionMakers,” Individual Artists’ of Oklahoma annual Traveling Exhibition “Twenty-four Works on Paper,” the

Springfield Museum of Art’s “MOAK Four State Regional Exhibition,” and the Wichita Center for the Arts “The Wichita National.”